Since 1915, The Salvation Army has established a network of social services to meet a range of needs in Myanmar. Our programmes reach out to children who require care, communities living in the rural villages and other needy segments in our society.

The Salvation Army manages three children's homes in the region. Two are in the Tarmway Township of Yangon - a home for 50 boys and another for 50 girls.  Further north in the town Pyu, we also run another home to care for 50 children.

To see to the needs of those affected by HIV/AIDS, we also offer a community-based HIV/AIDS programme in Upper Myanmar. This includes community education and practical support for families affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Salvation Army also works with other agencies to help provide community tube-wells in a number of rural villages in Upper Myanmar.

To help empower women in Myanmar, The Salvation Army also operates a micro-credit scheme to enable women to support themselves.

After Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar in May 2008, The Salvation Army was also involved in distributing emergency food aid, providing housing and assisting people to regain their livelihoods.



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