The Salvation Army requires skilled and dedicated personnel to carry on its many-faceted programs.

Employees are hired to perform clerical work in Salvation Army offices, to work in Salvation Army social service programs as professional workers in health services, education, accounting and development.

Employees of The Salvation Army are expected to relate to those whom the Army serves, in such a manner as to convey the respect, esteem and dignity, in which the organization seeks to hold everyone.

Because of the religious basis of all that The Salvation Army does, most of those who work in the organization understand their work to be an expression of their spirituality. Prayer is regarded as both natural and important. In addition, religious celebrations and worship are part of life.

Whether a Salvationist or not, a person of faith or no faith, all are welcome to join in all these activities. Indeed their presence and the contribution they make are valued.

Two such employees working from a Salvation Army relief vehicle