Session 235

During the period 10 October to 20 November, 2017 Session 235 of the International College for Officers met at Sunbury Court.

Major Vicki Clarke                          AUSTRALIA EASTERN               

Captain David Collinson                   AUSTRALIA SOUTHERN          

Captain Adriana AraĻjo                    BRAZIL           

Major Corinne Cameron                   CANADA & BERMUDA            

Major Lydouine Nsele                      DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO 

Major Reena Kalvin                          INDIA CENTRAL          

Major Pachuau Lianthanga               INDIA EASTERN         

Major Babu Samraj                          INDIA SOUTH EASTERN           

Major Kumari Kalpana                      INDIA SOUTH EASTERN                           

Major Anilkumar Mecwan                  INDIA WESTERN       

Major Dorothy Kiamba                      KENYA EAST

Captain Han-geun Cho                      KOREA          

Major Elias Nhanez                          MOZAMBIQUE          

Captain Peter de Vreeze                   NETHERLANDS, CZECH REPUBLIC & SLOVAKIA           

Lieut-Colonel Benson Mgbebuihe       NIGERIA   

Captain Laila Granseth                      NORWAY, ICELAND & FAEROES         

Captain Heisi Goina                           PAPUA NEW GUINEA             

Major Renie Reginio                           PHILIPPINES              

Major Nay Lin Tun                             SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA & MYANMAR           

Major Markus Walzer                        SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA & HUNGARY            

Lieut-Colonel Jennifer Groves             NEW ZEALAND, FIJI & TONGA *             

Major Samson Ngocho                     TANZANIA

Major Joseph Wandulu                     UGANDA  

Major Matthew Bennett                     UNITED KINGDOM WITH REPUBLIC OF IRELAND    

Major Beth Maddern                         UNITED KINGDOM WITH REPUBLIC OF IRELAND     

Major Kathy Hellstrom                      USA CENTRAL         

Major Angela Wandling                     USA CENTRAL          

Major Linda Lopez                            USA EASTERN          

Major Margareta Ivarsson                  USA EASTERN       

Major Susie Erickson                       USA SOUTHERN    

Major Mark Harwell                          USA SOUTHERN    

Captain Randy Hartt                        USA WESTERN       

Major LeAnn Trimmer                      USA WESTERN       

Captain Ginger Kandama                 ZAMBIA   

*Serving outside home territory