On Wedenesday, October 12, 2011, 25 of the 26 delegates for ICO Session 211 arrived from their homes around the world hoping to be joined soon by their brother from Ghana. All have come expecting great things yet not knowing what to expect.  It seems we all have been told many times that this will be the experience and opportunity of a lifetime.  During the eight weeks we spend together we will come to understand what that means for us the "Peace Making" session.  We have spent our first week being warmly welcomed by first the Officers and Staff of the ICO then our International Leadership.  We are learning our way around our home away from home, The Cedars, and getting to know one another.  We have already had opportunities to fellowship, get into deep conversations, worship together and pray for one another.  If we were to go home today I think we would all agree that it has been wonderful.  But thank God, we have seven more weeks to spend together in this experience and opportunity of a lifetime. 

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