Here you will find attachments and links to resources that you might find helpful in your work with The Salvation Army and to find more information about how we work. 

Resources Produced by The Salvation Army


Community Water Projects - This a basic booklet for all those considering a small scale water project
Business Planning Guidelines - This gives some advice on putting together a business plan with individuals or a community
Raising Local Resources - Advice on ways to raise funds and other support for your project locally


Faith Based Facilitation is a way of helping people think, talk, explore and respond in light of their faith. We encourage the use of the processes and tools as the way we engage with communities; an engagement that may lead to a project. For more information on the process please go to:

Here are some simple sheets on tools you can use as part of this cycle that are particularly useful when thinking about projects - although they can be adapted for all sorts of circumstances:


Resources produced by other organisations:

Tearfund UK produce some very helpul resources in a number of languages. Their Pillars, Roots and Umoja materials provide manuals for different aspects of project management. They also produce Footsteps, a series of newsletters on different themes. There is easy-to-use technical advice for different sorts of projects as well as relevant Bible studies and other resources in each edition of Footsteps.