Women's Ministries

The Salvation Army international women's ministries, inaugurated in 1907, provide a wide variety of activities based on the fourfold aims: worship, education, fellowship and service... Find out more

Sarah Micula is a young adult woman who attends a large corps in the greater Chicago, Illinois area. A few years ago, she found that she didn't really have a place to "settle into" a small group. There were small groups for college aged adults, and also for young married couples, but nothing for a young woman who was past college but not yet married. She approached the Territorial Women's Ministries Department with an idea in how to reach more women just like her - those who may fall through the cracks unless something is done to intentionally reach them. Out of that concern, Sarah developed a number of ideas to reach women, and now has small group material called Embrace. Embrace is a once a month, discussion based, small group programme for women. 

The small group material is available in both English and Spanish. For more information regarding Embrace, you may want to check out www.uscwomensministries.com 

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