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February 2015 – Life is a journey

When we were serving in Finland we decided to take a boat from Helsinki to Stockholm. During the trip we had all kinds of weather – sun, fog and rain. I was struck by the fact that this big boat was able to effortlessly navigate between all the little islands. Not an easy task even during the day!

The next day when leaving Stockholm we knew there would be a lot of little islands in front of us, however the boat appeared to follow its course with no problems. It soon became very dark. We then realised that the boat was following a series green lights that stretched out into the distance. The ship was able to navigate its way – even though it was dark and full of obstacles – simply moving from one green light to the next.

This trip reminds me of our faith journey as Christians and that the Bible is really a guide to help us through life.

Just like the little green lights that were there to help steer the ship, the Bible is there to show us the way. The Psalmist of course reminds us of that when he wrote: ‘Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path’ (Psalm 119:105 NIV).

Our life is like an expedition – an exciting journey. But it will not always be trouble-free. The sun will rise, the clouds will appear, the winds will blow, the night and darkness will come, and there will be a lot of obstacles to try and stop us along the way. But if the boat of our life goes on following the clear direction that we find in the Word of God, we are assured that we will arrive at the right destination.

PS: Join the challenge of reading the New Testament in one year! More information at www.salvationarmy.org/biblechallenge


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