From family tracing to disaster response, The Salvation Army offers a wide variety of services worldwide.

Below is an overview of what we do. If you would like to find out more about any of the services we offer, please get in contact with the Salvation Army in your country.

Addiction Dependency
For those in need, the Salvation Army runs a number of addiction rehabilitation programs. We believe in taking the holistic approach, not just helping the client to overcome their addiction, but attacking the roots of that addiction.

Emergency Response
From sites of natural and man-made disasters to places of human conflict, the Salvation Army is there to provide compassion and practical support to those in real and sudden need. The Army strives to provide first for the immediate physical needs but beyond that, ministry for the aching heart and the weary soul.

Family Tracing

The Family Tracing Service was officially established in 1885, when it was designated as 'Mrs Booth's Enquiry Bureau'. It has developed to become one of The Salvation Army's most distinctive international services in many territories where it continues to be in operation 120 years on. The mission of the Family Tracing Service is to restore or sustain family relationships by tracing relatives with whom contact has been lost, either recently or in the distant past.

To find out more about the Family Tracing Service or to apply to have a relative traced, please contact the Salvation Army in the country where you reside.

Health Services

International Projects

Social Work
The Salvation Army is one of the largest social care providers in the World. There are social programs running in almost every country we operate in.

Sports Ministry

International Headquarters’ Sports Ministry Desk exists to encourage, support and resource Salvation Army Sports Ministry leaders around the world to find connections, to build relationships and to help people and communities to enjoy healthy lives in bodies, minds and souls. It does this as part of The Salvation Army’s mission to ‘save souls, grow saints and serve suffering humanity’.