The Salvation Army responds to earthquake in California, USA
26 August 2014
Food, shelter, water and emotional and spiritual care are being provided by The Salvation Army to communities affected by a 6.0-magnitude earthquake
Salvation Army Provides Assistance After Earthquake Devastates Yunnan Province in China
13 August 2014
The Salvation Army is providing support in Yunnan Province, China, after a 6.1-magnitude earthquake on Sunday 3 August
The Salvation Army Helps Storm-hit Communities in Nebraska, USA
16 May 2014
The Salvation Army has been providing disaster relief in the wake of strong storms that hit Nebraska, USA, on Sunday 11 May
Salvation Army in Korea Provides Assistance to Ferry Disaster Rescuers and Families
17 April 2014
Salvation Army personnel are providing assistance on the shore near the capsized ferry in Korea
Salvation Army in Chile Steps Up Disaster Response
08 April 2014
As the situation becomes clearer after the 1 April earthquake that struck northern Chile, The Salvation Army is stepping up its relief operation
Salvation Army Emergency Teams in Chile Distribute Essential Supplies
04 April 2014
The Salvation Army in Chile is providing much-needed assistance to people affected by the earthquake that hit the north of the country on 1 April
Salvation Army Offers Assistance to Landslide-Hit Community in Washington, USA
27 March 2014
The Salvation Army is providing assistance at the site of a huge mudslide in Washington State, USA
The Salvation Army in New York Provides Shelter and Support to Gas Explosion Victims
14 March 2014
The Salvation Army in New York is providing shelter and other assistance to people affected by a gas explosion that destroyed two buildings in east Harlem
The Salvation Army Across England Responds as Flood Crisis Takes a Turn for the Worse
14 February 2014 | Author: David Giles
The Salvation Army is assisting many hundreds of people affected by ongoing floods across the south of England