The Salvation Army has over the years partnered with the Government Republic of Zambia in providing various social services. With its motto of ‘Hand to Man and Heart to God’ the Salvation Army has touched many lives and continues to support vulnerable communities in Zambia

Mitanda Home for the aged, located in the heart of Ndola City on the Copperbelt, is one such program. The Salvation Army, in partnership with the Government Republic of Zambia has provided a Home for vulnerable Senior Citizens. Senior citizens are one of the most vulnerable groups in our Zambiansociety. They have limited regenerative abilities and are in the majority of cases victims of poverty, disease and homelessness. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has added to their plight. Most Senior Citizens are left without much  needed family support systems on account of most young people dying early. 

Scores of old people are left to face the hard realities of life by themselves and have in many instances suffered discrimination from society on account of their age. Mr. John Kayala is one such victim. He has lived in Mitanda for 12 years following rejection by his community in the village. He found sanctuary at Mitanda, a place he now calls his home. While he does not wish to go back to his village, the Salvation Army continues to look forward to a day when Mr Kayala will be reintegrated back into his family village. He only wonders what would have become of him had the Salvation Army not embraced him at Mitanda.

When you see these old people relaxing at Mitanda, all looks rosy. But running a Home for the aged comes with many challenges. On a monthly basis, It is cost alot of funding. Each resident requires good health care, good accommodation, meals and social amenities.

Mitanda has a clinic right at its premises managed by a qualified Nurse. The clinic handles all minor ailments and refers all serious cases to Ndola General Hospital located less than 2 kilometers. The clinic faces challenges in meeting the medical needs and the resources are scarce.

The environment at Mitanda is squeaking clean. But to maintain hygiene at the Home for the old people is a demanding responsibility both financially and materially. For instance, the care takers have to constantly wash clothes and blankets for the old people. The constant washing needs laundry machines that are in good condition. The current laundry machines have outlived their lifespan and experience constant break down

The Salvation Army Church at Mitanda under the guidance of Major Beryl Pierce is struggling to maintain the required standards of the Home.

The financial and material contributions from well wishers are few and far between.

The Salvation Army church, Zambia Territory is meeting one of its core functions of taking care of the needy in society. There are many more aged people who need the kind of care being provided by the Salvation Army in Mitanda. Mitanda Home can accommodate more senior citizens except for the challenge of limited resources to manage the Home.

It is for this reason that the Salvation Army Church wishes to invite the Corporate World and individual wishers to support Mitanda by making generous contributions towards the noble cause of caring for vulnerable senior citizens. After all they cared for us when we were young. Why shouldn’t we care for them.