The Salvation Army is world wide evangelical Christian Church with its distinctive governance and practice.
The Army’s Doctrines follows the mainstream of Christian belief and its articles of faith emphasis God’s saving purposes.Its religious and charitable objectives are the advancement of the Christian religion…. And, pursuant thereto, the advancement of education, the belief of poverty, and other charitable objects beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole.

The Salvation Army, then known as the Christian Mission was founded in London, England, in 1865 by William and Catherine Booth and has spread to many parts of the world.

In 1878, the Christian Mission had it name changed to The Salvation Army and adopted a quasi-military command structure. It also uses some soldiery features such as uniform, flags and ranks to identify inspire and regulate its endeavors.

The Salvation Army is currently operating in one hundred and twenty seven countries (127).


The General is the world leader of the Salvation Army and to maintain the evangelistic and social enterprises the general is assisted by full time Officers (pastors) and employees as well as soldiers (members) who give service in their free time.

Leadership in The Salvation Army is provided by commissioned and ordained officers who are recognized as full accredited ministers of religion.The Salvation Army gives equal opportunity to Women and every rank and service are open to them.Although The Salvation Army was raised to evangelize it also embarks on schemes for social betterment of the poor. Such concerns develop wherever the Army operates , in practical skilled and cost effective way.