Visit to University Teaching Hospital Lusaka

The Salvation Army has a motto which says ‘Heart to God and hand to mankind.’  This means that because we love God (Heart to God) we offer a helping hand to men, women and children.

The Salvation Army has many different groups who minister to the needy and poor people in the World.  On Thursday 10th December 2015 a group of over 100 Salvationists from our League of Mercy group met at the Hospital.  The purpose was to hand out 300 gifts to the sick children in hospital. The parcels contained things like sugar, soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, washing soap and many other items.  The Salvation Army brass band from Matero played Christmas carols outside the Children’s A & E department whilst the others took the gifts to the wards.

The gifts were gratefully received by the children and their parents.  The Salvationist were blessed by God as they ministered to these people.