The Salvation Army in Tanzania operates two schools.

Our goal is to provide centres of excellence in learning, critical thinking and Christian formation so that students will reach their potential in whatever field they pursue.


Matumaini - Primary

Matumaini is a primary boarding school for disabled and albino children.  

Located at the Salvation Army property in Temeke, Matuamaini maintains the highest educational standards as set by the Ministry of Education.  But in addition to education, we provide physical therapy and we operate a workshop for the manufacturing and repair of walking appliances and chairs.

For more information, please contact our offices at +255 (0) 222 850 468.


Itundu - Secondary

Located on 400 acres of rolling grasslands in the highlands of Ilemo, Itundu Secondary offers excellent education in a scenic and safe environment.  We provdie boarding facilities for those from outside the immediate area, and some of the highest standards of teaching in the District.