You are welcome to join us!

Our corps (church) ministries are open to all.  You will always find a welcoming congregation in the Salvation Army.  In our “Contact Us” page you will see a list of our main offices throughout the country.  When you call those offices, our officers will guide you to our ministries wherever you might be.

But here is a list of our church ministries in the Dar es Salaam area:

Mgulani Corps (located on Coastal Division and is on our THQ compound – on Kilwa Raod, next to the National Stadium)

  Corps Leader Captain Cosmas Ndegea +255 756864441
  Meeting times: Sunday 9:00      (English Service)
                          Sunday 10:30    (Swahili Service)

Ilala Corps (located on Costal Division at Ilala Section)

         Corps Leader Major Tomas Saizi +255 768423460
         Meeting times: Sunday 10:00    (Swahili Service)

MbagalaCorps (located on Coastal Divison on Kilwa Road up to Zakiem then Mgeni nani Road)

         Corps Leader Major Edina Pepete +255 763548271
         Meeting times: Sunday 10:00    (Swahili Service)

Chamanzi Corps (located on Coastal Divison - on Mbagala-Mbande Road in Chamanzi kwa Mapunda Street)

        Corps Leader Capten Wilson Otaigo +255 76563141 
        Meeting times:
Sunday 10:30    (Swahili Service)

Kibaha Corps (located Coastal Division -on Kibaha-Mlandizi Road at Kibaha Msikitini Street)

        Corps Leader Lt. James Magesa +255 764835053
        Meeting times: Sunday 10:00    (Swahili Service)