New Garden features 

Thanks to generous donations from the Hong Kong and Makau Command, some landscaping of the back yard area of the Home has resulted in a new gazebo/shade house for the girls, a grassy area and a new garden being planted. Excitement mounted when these were dedicated during the December 2006 visit of Colonel Alfred Tsang, Officer Commanding from Hong Kong and Macau. A plaque commemorates this special event. The Home was affected during the 2004 Tsunami and special interest in renovating the area has been taken by Salvationists of Hong Kong. This has been greatly appreciated.

Elders Home

The Elders Home was worst affected during the Tsunami as it directly faces the beach front. However because of the trauma faced by many residents when the walls were destroyed and the yard littered with debris, a new wall has been built which blocks the sea view and a small garden has been formed. This was also opened during Colonel Alfred Tsang's visit.

Hewisi Band

The Girls' Home Hewisi Band is a popular feature of many Salvation Army occasions in Sri Lanka. But their proudest moment came when the girls were called upon to escort General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton at the Soldiers' Rally on the first visit to Sri Lanka of our international leaders. September 2006

Dream come true:

It was happy moment when Girls' Home Administrator Major Soma Wedage and some of the girls received the keys of their new van from Colonel Lalzamlova, the Territorial Commander in October 2006. The van is used to transport girls to and from their schools, and to other weekly and special events.