We are so glad you have decided to help us make a difference!

Thank you for wanting to volunteer with us. Our volunteers are our critical partners in helping us ensure the needy are not forgotten. At The Salvation Army, you can play an active role in caring and enriching the lives of children, youths, the elderly and families we serve. 
The following is a list of general volunteering opportunities at The Salvation Army:
Organise Workshops
Organise a workshop or class to impart skills to our beneficiaries such as music, handicraft, cooking or sports
Talent Contribution
Bless our beneficiaries with your talents - hairdressing, providing career advice basic health screening or even photography maybe?
Academic Mentoring
Coach children and youth in their schoolwork, typically once a week over a 3-6 months commitment period
Day Outings
Organise outings or learning journeys for our beneficiaries
Events Support
Provide event management, logistics, photography or videogaphy support
Fundraising and Collection Drives
Raise funds or organise collection drives for financia or second-hand items (donation in-kind)

To volunteer, please email us at pr.malaysia@smm.salvationarmy.org