Every Thursday, The Salvation Army holds a 30-minute worldwide prayer meeting between 5 and 8am local time. Because The Salvation Army serves in so many different time zones it means that for most of Thursday the Army is at prayer.

Our prayer focus will be on the international mission priorities. You can pray in groups or individually - we encourage you to register your commitment. Get involved by following @TSA_WWPM on Twitter and contribute your own prayers using the #WWPM hashtag, via our Facebook page or by adding a comment below.

16 October 2014

IHQ's Editor-in-Chief Major Martin Gossauer is our guest tweeter this week, and asks us to focus on peace.

Think of one country ravaged by war that is close to your heart and thoughts. Pray for peace for the people who live there. Get some background information about this country. Talk to your friends about it. Let all this feed your prayers. Share your prayer with #WWPM or via the form below.

Then get to know a person from that country, if possible, in your town or through social media. Share your prayer with them.


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