Social Justice

The Salvation Army Responds in Liberia
17 September 2014 | Author: Victoria Edmonds
Ebola outbreak in Liberia
When Justice is the Measure
04 August 2014 | Author: Victoria Edmonds
The newest book put out by the International Social Justice Commission called "When Justice is the Measure".
International Day of the Girl October 11th
18 July 2014 | Author: Victoria Edmonds
An opportunity to do something in support of the International Day of the Girl
Trafficking in Person Report for 2014
27 June 2014 | Author: Victoria Edmonds
The new Trafficking in Person handbook for 2014
News ISJC & UN Insights
05 May 2014 | Author: Victoria Edmonds
Insights as to what is happening at the ISJC and UN for next several months and what will be happening in the future.
Social Justice and US Emergency Disaster Services EDS
31 January 2014
Social Justice and US Emeregency Disaster Services written by John Berglund in the Greater New York Division of the USA Eastern Territory