// 24 JANUARY 2011 //

26 January 2011

AFTER much detailed and careful discussion (that stretched into the night) the 2011 High Council approved the list of questions that will be asked of candidates for the office of General of The Salvation Army. A separate group of questions (if applicable) for their spouses was also approved.

The questions for candidates cover a wide range of vital areas, including spiritual leadership, mission, belief and practice, vision, governance and strategy.

One of the aims of the questions committee when formulating the draft questions (that were presented to the High Council today) was that the questions would evoke in depth answers from candidates and their spouses.

High Council President Commissioner William Francis thanked the committee for ‘its excellent work’.

As has become the pattern, a meaningful and challenging devotional time commenced the day – High Council Chaplain Commissioner Max Feener outlined a number of characteristics relating to excellent leadership and said ‘we and our General need to be like this’.

In exploring various facets of spiritual leadership from 1 Thessalonians 5:23-28 the chaplain’s message encompassed prayer, holiness, love for people, the need to be people of the Word and also people full of grace.

Commissioner Feener effectively utilised Salvation Army Song Book songs 614 (‘Master, speak: thy servant heareth, waiting for thy gracious word…’) and 589 (chorus: ‘O speak, O speak while before thee I pray! And, O Lord, just what seemeth thee good reveal, and my heart shall obey’) during this time.

Throughout the day the chaplain led the council in times of praise and he concluded the final session with a short devotional.

Report by Lieut-Colonel Laurie Robertson
High Council Communications Officer
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