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On 10 December 1882 Salvation Army operations were commenced in the Salle de la Reformation, Geneva, by Catherine Booth, and Colonel Arthur S. Clibborn. Bitter opposition was encountered but now the Army is recognised as an evangelical and social force throughout the Confederation

Work first commenced in Austria on 27 May 1927 in Vienna. Unofficial meetings had been held earlier, but the official opening was conducted by Lieut-Commissioner Bruno Friedrich and Captain Lydia Saak was the officer-in-charge. ‘Verein der Heilsarmee’ was legally recognised by the Austrian Federal Ministry on 8 May 1952.

The Salvation Army’s operations in Hungary were commenced on 24 April 1924 by Colonel Rothstein with two German women-officers. The evangelistic and social activities were maintained until suppressed in 1950. After the opening of the central European borders, The Salvation Army was officially re-established on 3 November 1990 by General Eva Burrows.

Territorial Leadership

Commissioner Henrik Andersen - Territorial Commander

Commissioner Lisbeth Andersen - Territorial Leader for International Relations

Lieut-Colonel Daniel Imboden - Chief Secretary

Lieut-Colonel Heidi Imboden - Territorial Secretary for Territorial Development

Territorial Headquarters

Laupenstrasse 5

Postal address

Die Heilsarmee
Postfach 6575
3001 Bern

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Email: info@swi.salvationarmy.org

Legal forms: Foundation Salvation Army Switzerland;
Cooperative Salvation Army Social Organization; Salvation Army Immo Ltd.