On 4 March 1883 Major and Mrs Francis Simmonds with Lieutenant Alice Teager ‘opened fire’ in Cape Town. Other officers were sent to the island of St Helena in 1886 to consolidate work commenced (in 1884) by Salvationist ‘Bluejackets’. Social services began in 1886. The Army’s first organised ministry among the African people was established in 1888 in Natal and, in 1891, in Zululand. Evangelistic effort in Mozambique, pioneered in 1916 by African converts, was officially recognised in 1923. Work in Swaziland (now named eSwatini) was commenced in 1960. Having previously been in Namibia from 1932 to 1939, the Army re-established a presence in the country in January 2008 and was given official recognition on 11 March 2008.


The visit of General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (WPWM) to the territory in December 2018 included deeply moving times of God-inspired celebration. The culture of South Africa was represented throughout, right from when the international leaders arrived to a colourful cultural celebration of the 11 tribes and languages that make up the nation.

The General and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle shared in prayers at THQ in Johannesburg before joining with the cadets of the Messengers of the Gospel Session for their Covenant Day. Later, at a dinner with the Territorial Advisory Board, the General thanked God for these seasoned professionals who give of their time and expertise to support the work and ministry of The Salvation Army.

The next day, the General  joined with active and retired officers for officers councils. Later, the visitors spend time at Ethembeni (place of hope) Children's Home, where 60 children under the age of three are cared for. The international leaders were moved to meet the children and hear stories of the terrible situations some of the children had faced before being brought to the home.

On Saturday afternoon the General and Commissioner Peddle joined junior soldiers from across the territory at the Territorial Bible Challenge. Commissioner Peddle congratulated the young people on their dedication and commitment as soliders for Christ, and encouraged them to keep reading God's Word. 

Vibrant music form the Soweto Singing Group set the tone from all the main sessions of the weekend, with music contributions also provided by the Soweto Singing Company, Eastern Kwa Zulu Natal Songsters, Central Divisional Ladies Band and Central Divisional Band. Throughout the weekend were times of exuberant praise, powerful testomonies, prayer, Scripture readings and a variety of musical contributions. The Holy Spirit was present in every meeting, with quick and spontaneous response as many people moved forward to pray at the mercy seat.

In the commissioning meeting the cadets shared testomonies with the theme "I'm a Messenger of the Gospel", speaking about their journey while at the training college. 

Following the declaration of faith, the General ordained the cadets as ministers of the gospel and commissioned them as lieutenants.

The day concluded with musical contributions from Kathehong Timbrel Brigade and worship led by Peart Memorial Worship Group. Each lieutenant received his or her appointment from Commissioner Keith Conrad (former TC) and Commissioner Yvonne Conrad (former TPWM). Salvationists and friends left the celebrations with a challenge in their hearts to give everything to God.


Territorial Leaders

Colonel Daniel Kasuso - Territorial Commander (1 August 2019)

Colonel Tracey Kasuso - Command President for Women's Ministries

Lieut-Colonel Jabulani Khoza - General Secretary (1 July 2020)

Lieut-Colonel Fikile Khoza - Command Secretary for Women's Ministries


Territorial Headquarters

119-121 Rissik Street

Wanderers’ View

Johannesburg 2001

South Africa

Postal address

PO Box 1018

Johannesburg 2000

South Africa



Officers - 245 (active - 149 retired - 96)       Auxillary Captains - 2

Envoys - 3                 Cadets - 20                 Employees - 467

Corps - 93                  Outposts - 123          

Senior Soldiers - 18,538    Adherents - 1,471   Junior Soldiers - 2,776


tel: +(27) 117 186 700

fax: +(27) 117 186 790

email: saf_leadership@saf.salvationarmy.org

Countries included in the territory: Lesotho, Namibia, Island of St Helena, South Africa, eSwatini

Languages in which the gospel is preached: Afrikaans, English, Portuguese, SeSotho, Shangaan, SiPedi, Tsonga, Tswana, Tshivenda, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu