The Salvation Army's evangelistic endeavours in Mozambique were pioneered 1916 by Mozambican converts returning from South Africa.

The work was recognised by the Mozambican government in 1986 and officially registered in June 2005. Previously part of the Southern Africa Territory, Mozambique became a separate command on 1 March 2008. It was elevated to a territory on 1 March 2011.

Territorial Leaders

Colonel Moses Wandulu - Territorial Commander (1 June 2020)

Colonel Sarah Wandulu - Territorial President for Women's Ministries

Lieut-Colonel Mario Nhacumba - Chief Secretary (1 October 2020)

Lieut-Colonel Celeste Nhacumba - Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries

Territorial Headquarters

Avenue Filipe Samuel Magaia,

Postal Address

PO Box 4099,

Contact us

Tel: +(258) 843 007 490


We thank God for his love, mercy and guidance throughout the challenges of last year, and we begin this new year believing hat God will continue to bless his work and people.

Women's Ministries and the League of Mercy started this year with a meeting of annual activities. World Day of Prayer was held on 5 March, in conjunction with the Christian Council of Mozambique.

In March the territorial leaders lead a capacity-building seminar for all officers and local officers in the Capital Division. The objective was to train 70 officers and five local officers from each division to gain better management and administration skills in corps. During the same period Faith-Based Facilitation (FBF) training was held for all officers and local officers of model corps.

The Easter Congress was cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19, including the visit of the Canada Mission Team and Zimbabwe Territorial Band.

World Day of Prayer for the victims of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking was held on 8 August and FBF, IT and finance training seminars took place.

An international audit of the 2016 to 2018 accounts was conducted virtually. Rapid Response projects helped approximately 3,000 families with food and hygiene materials. The TPWM and TSWM visited the Central-North Division in support of Silver Star members and vulnerable families. The Projects department coordinated the Moz Preschool assessment in regards to WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), property and buildings, education, child protection and community needs.

For youth week in October, the Youth Secretary travelled to Tete and Inhambane, where meetings and seminars were held with the young people. The territory has two community projects in progress - Community, Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Livestock Banking (COAL) and Sustainable Agriculture and Livestock Banking (SALI).

Many territorial plans were disrupted due to COVID-19 restrictions put in place by the government.


Officers - 57 (active - 52  retired - 5)                 Envoys - 3

Cadets - 5                 Employees - 31

Corps - 53                 Outposts - 45

Senior Soldiers - 6,586    Adherents - 147   Junior Soldiers - 1,363


Countries included in the command: Mozambique

Languages in which the gospel is preached: Portuguese, Chopi, Gitonga, Makhuwa, Ndau, Sena, Tsonga, Tswa