The Salvation Army's evangelistic endeavours in Mozambique were pioneered 1916 by Mozambican converts returning from South Africa. The work was recognised by the Mozambican government in 1986 and officially registered in June 2005. Previously part of the Southern Africa Territory, Mozambique became a separate command on 1 March 2008. It was elevated to a territory on 1 March 2011.


The territory is strengthening its position as an agent of change to engage more people in the mission. Activities are done to ensure that people have the necessary skills and capacity to meet challenges.

In May 2018, Child Protection seminars and refresher courses were held for company guards, preschool teachers and officers. Women's Ministries celebrated Mother's Day in all division on 1 June, and International Children Day was recognised by a visit to a maternity ward to provide children with gifts.

In August 2018, a music camp in Ihambane was conducted by Bandmaster  Monica Sakha from Kenya East Territory at which 513 young people gathered for instruction in brass band, timbrel playing and gospel dance.

On 30 September, six more lieutenants of the Messenger of the Gospel Session were ordained and commissioned.

In February 2019, a training seminar on projects management for officers at divisional level was held in Maputo , with Stanford Muzavazi as leader. Good governance and accountability training seminars were led by by Major Seth Le Leu (IHQ) for governance board members. 

When heavy rains as a result of Cyclone Idai caused devastation to people's lives and property in Beira and central Mozambique, the Salvation Army responded, with the assistance of IHQ's International Emergency Services, by helping 390 families. Between 14 March and 7 May, around 2,000 families were provided with food and non-food items and assisted with relocation.


Territorial Leaders

Colonel Moses Wandulu - Territorial Commander (1 June 2020)

Colonel Sarah Wandulu - Territorial President for Women's Ministries

Lieut-Colonel Mario Nhacumba - Chief Secretary (1 October 2020)

Lieut-Colonel Celeste Nhacumba - Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries


Territorial Headquarters

Avenue Filipe Samuel Magaia,





Postal Address

PO Box 4099,





Officers - 62 (active - 60  retired - 2)                 Envoys - 2

Cadets - 6                 Employees - 38

Corps - 53                 Outposts - 45

Senior Soldiers - 5,988    Adherents - 56   Junior Soldiers - 1,864


Tel: +(258) 843 007 490


Countries included in the command: Mozambique

Languages in which the gospel is preached: Portuguese, Chopi, Gitonga, Makhuwa, Ndau, Sena, Tsonga, Tswa