Following an invitation for the Army to establish a presence in Mali, registration was given on 29 November 2007. Work began under local leadership with oversight from Nigeria. In February 2008 officers were appointed. Mali was officially declared a separate region on 1 April 2010. Unofficial work in Burkina Faso has been ongoing since 2012, with it being officially opened on 12 June 2018.


The work of God continues to grow in the region. In July 2019, three cadets who were trained and commissioned in the Democratic Republic of Congo Territory were welcomed and appointed to Mali.

The Regional Community Development Strategy was established and Lieut-Colonels Bishow and Pamela Samhika (respectively Principal and Curriculum Development Officer, SALT College) visited the region to review the regional training and development programme and inspect the extension training. In September, Child Protection training took place.

October brought a change of regional leadership with the welcome of Majors Hervé and Naty Ahouyanganga. The installation meeting was conducted by Ghana territorial leaders, Colonels Samuel and Hagar Amponsah.

A Helping Hand appeal took place, and one outpost was upgraded to corps status. 

In January 2020, officer councils were followed by the inaugural meeting of the regional governance board, and a regional theme 'One Wins One' was launched in a meeting with 281 people attending. A corps leaders' training was held in February.

Funding from IHQ and other donors enabled various projects to commence building resilience of 


Regional Leaders

Major Herve Ahouyanganga - Regional Commander (1 August 2019)

Major Naty Ahouyanganga - Regional President for Women's Ministries

Captain André Togo - Regional Secretary (1 July 2020)

Captain Nana Togo - Regional Secretary for Women's Ministries


Regional Headquarters

Rue 360 Face Real de Bamako,


ACI 2000 Bamako,


Postal address

Armée du Salut Quartier Général,

BP E 5249,





Officers - 16               Envoys - 9

Cadets - 3                  Employees - 3

Corps - 7                 Outposts - 10

Senior Soldiers - 483    Adherents - 55   Junior Soldiers - 217


Country included in the region: Mali and Burkina Faso

Language in which the gospel is preached: Bambara and French