The Salvation Army flag was unfurled in Italy on 20 February 1887 by Major and Mrs James Vint and Lieutenant Fanny Hack, though subsequent difficulties necessitated withdrawal. In 1890 Fritz Malan (later lieut-colonel) began meetings in his native village in the Waldensian Valleys. In 1893 Army work was re-established.

In a decree of the President on 1 April 1965, The Salvation Army was recognised as a philanthropic organisation competent to acquire and hold properties and to receive donations and legacies.

Command Headquarters: Via degli Apuli 39, 00185 Rome, Italy

Tel: [39] 06 4462614/06 4941089
Fax: [39] 06 490078
Email: Italy_Command@ity.salvationarmy.org

Country included in the command: Italy

Language in which the gospel is preached: Italian

Periodicals: Il Bollettino dell’Unione Femminile, Il Grido di Guerra