In March 1930, at a meeting held at Government House, Hong Kong, The Salvation Army was requested to undertake women’s work in the crown colony, a work pioneered by Majors Dorothy Brazier and Doris Lemon. This work was directed from North China Territory, Peking, until 1935 when the South China Command was established in Canton to promote wide evangelistic and welfare operations. Early in 1948, a separate headquarters for the Army in Hong Kong was established. The Army in Hong Kong was officially registered under Salvation Army Ordinance (Chapter 1062) as a corporation sole in 1951.

In 1988, disater relief and community development projects were carried out in mainland China. In 1999, Lieutenant Sara Tam pioneered work in the Special Administrative Region of Maucau. The Salvation Army was officially registered as the Salvation Army (Macau) in July 1999 and work commenced in September 1999. In 2017, The Salvation Army Hong Kong was officially registered in both Kunming, Yunnan and Chengdu, Sichaun (China) as an INGO.

Territorial Leadership

Colonel Phil Maxwell - Territorial Commander

Colonel Deslea Maxwell - Territorial President of Women's Ministries

Major Tsui, Heung-Ying (Minny) - Chief Secretary

Territorial Headquarters

11 Wing Sing Lane
Hong Kong

Postal address

PO Box 70129
Kowloon Central Post Office
Hong Kong

Contact us

Tel: [852] 2332 4531

Email: info@hkm.salvationarmy.org