Salvation Army work in Germany began in Stuttgart on 14 November 1886 through the persistent sale of the Swiss Kriegsruf (War Cry) by Staff-Captain Fritz Schaaf who, after being converted in New York, was stationed in Switzerland and could not resist the call to bring the message over the border into his fatherland.

The Salvation Army was first registered as a limited company in Berlin in 1897 and was recognised throughout Germany as a church and public corporation on 10 October 1967 by law in Nordrhein-Westfalen. It is recognised as a religious association with public rights in the states of Berlin, Hessen, Schleswig-Holstein and Baden-Wrttemberg.

The Salvation Army began its work in Poland in 2005.

Territorial Headquarters: 50677 Koln, Salierring 23-27, Germany

Tel: [49] (221) 20 8190
Fax: [49] (221) 208 1957
Email: nhq@ger.salvationarmy.org;

Countries included in the territory: Germany, Lithuania, Poland

Language in which the gospel is preached: German, Lithuanian, Polish

Periodicals: Danke, Der Kriegsruf, Der Offizier