Called to Be a Soldier: an International Focus

'Our actions as Salvationists are determined by what we believe. So it follows that we should take time to study our own calling, to reflect upon these beliefs and consider the implications for how we live.'
General Brian Peddle

In 2021, General Brian Peddle launched two new resources - Called to be a Soldier and Day by Day Call to Mission - to help us explore what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and live out that calling in our everyday lives.

Using Called to be a Soldier as a guide, we consider again what it looks like for us to surrender all areas of our life to Jesus and take a closer look at the covenant made by those who are called to be soldiers in The Salvation Army.

You are invited to read Called to be a Soldier with us as we focus on one chapter each week. Both books are making their way around the world and into various languages but translation and distribution is a big task!

If you have a copy of Called to be a Soldier, great – you can find a reading schedule here:

If you've not been able to access a copy yet, thank you for your patience! You can still follow along on Facebook and Instagram where we will we share excerpts, thoughts and discussion questions each week.

ResourcesCelebrating soldiership

Each week, we are publishing a reading guide to help you as you reflect on Called to be a Soldier.

Celebrating Soldiership

Our God is the ultimate artist of celebration, the inventor of the party and he is at work in The Salvation Army!

On Sunday 31 July 2022, we concluded our focus on Called to be a Soldier by celebrating soldiership - and we encourage you to celebrate too.

Becoming a soldier in The Salvation Army is one way of affirming, sharing and living out Christian faith. Take the opportunity to hear from some of the soldiers in your setting – what does living as a Salvation Army soldier mean to them?

This date is not a fixed date and can be celebrated on any other Sunday. However, there is strength in the whole Army praying and celebrating at the same time.

Here are some resources, ideas and message outlines that may be helpful.  Resources have been prepared by contributors from around the world, who all hold a Spiritual Life Development role within their territory.  







If your territory is translating the material in another language than mentioned above, we would be pleased if we could receive a copy of this to make available to others. Please email these to

Share your story!

We look forward to sharing stories of transformation and hearing where God is at work. Our international Salvation Army is formed of thousands of passionate disciples who have a heart for seeing others grow and flourish in their relationship with Jesus – and we think that is something to celebrate!

We want to hear your story - take a few minutes to share your testimony, your experience of life with God.


If you have any questions, remarks, or ideas, please send an email to