Pioneer officers, Lieut-Colonel and Mrs David Miche, unfurled the Army flag in Rio de Janeiro on 1 August 1922.

The Salvation Army operates as a national religious entity, Exército de Salvação, having been so registered by Presidential Decree 90.568 of 27 November 1984. All its social activities have been incorporated in APROSES (Assistência e Promoção Social Exército de Salvação) since 1974 and have had Federal Public Utility since 18 February 1991.


Territorial Headquarters: Rua Juá 264 - Bosque da Saúde, 04138-020 São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Postal address:

Exército de Salvação
Caixa Postal 46036
Agência Saúde 04046-970
São Paulo, SP

tel: [55] (011) 5591 7070
fax: [55] (011) 5591 7074
email: exercitodesalvacao@salvos.org.br

Country included in the territory: Brazil

Language in which the gospel is preached: Portuguese

Periodicals: O Oficial, Rumo Magazine