words of life

Sunday 30 July
Theme Scripture: 2 CORINTHIANS 5:1-10


We live by faith, not by sight (v 7).

How big, how sting is our faith? At times we probably think our faith is doing fairly well. Then something happens. Tragedy strikes; suffering comes. Perhaps an incident happens within our family that causes us great pain; or maybe it’s friend who, in some terrible way, has seemingly betrayed us. What happens to our faith then – when things appear to be tumbling in all around us?

My faith looks up to thee, my faith so small, so slow;
It lifts its drooping eyes to thee and claims the blessing now.
Thy wondrous gift, O Lord, faith it sees afar,
Thy perfect love it claims to share; it doth not, cannot fear.
                                                                                (SASB 725 v 1)

Bramwell Booth, eldest child of William and Catherine Booth, eventually succeeded his father as General of The Salvation Army in 1912. By 1929 he had helped develop the Arm’s work in 82 countries and colonies. As well as being a preacher of holiness and a skillful administrator, he also wrote poems and songs – such as the one we have for today.

Sometimes our faith is weak and faltering. Sometimes we don’t know where to turn or where to go. Yet the Lord is near, reaching out to us; the Holy Spirit urges us to be strong and to have courage. God the Father is always there – and loving us so very much!

With the assurance deep in our heart, let’s sing or read aloud the words of this final stanza– knowing beyond all doubt that the presence of Almighty, Triune God is with us now and always:

My faith holds fast on thee, my faith still small, but sure;
Its anchor holds alone to thee whose presence keeps me pure,
And thou, all-conquering Lord, always to see and hear,
By night, by day, art ever near, art ever near to me.

(Major Beverly Ivany Salvation Army)