Above: members of the care and prevention team giving the orphans and vulnerable children, the school requirements.     

1.      HIV/AIDS Programs - The Salvation Army in Zambia has been heavily involved in the fight against HIV/AIDs right from the very beginning when the first cases were reported in Zambia. We were first the organization to introduce home based care concept.

a.       AIDS management training- a number of people from all over the world come to Chikankata Aids Training Centre for that purpose

b.      Community capacity building programs- the community members are helped so that they are able to respond to the challenges brought about HIV/AIDS.

c.       Care for the people living with HIV/AIDS through the home based care programs.

d.      Care for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children- The children are helped on how to cope emotionally after the loss of their parents through psychosocial support. The children are also assisted with educational support through the payment of school fees.

e.       Prevention and care programs which are targeted at the youth.



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