As a convenient, one-stop community based centre, Family Support Services has been making a difference to the lives of the less privileged. Besides extending a practical life-line and friendship to the marginalized in the community, we work with many corporate and individual volunteers to organise educational and interactive activities for the elderly and disadvantaged families so that they do not feel forgotten.

Programmes & Services

Case Management and Counselling

Qualified social workers are assigned to follow up on referral cases or walk-in cases. Casework and counselling services are provided to these families or individuals who need help to cope with various difficulties and emotional issues.

Elderly Support Group

The Elderly Drop-In Programme is a weekly get-together session at the centre for senior residents living in the vicinity to have fun and interact with one another. Activities such as health talks, workshops and outings are planned all year round to enrich their lives.

Youth Support Group

The Youth Support Group organises constructive activities to engage youths to provent them from going astray. Through the various enrichment activities, it provides them with a platform to make friends as well as learn new skills and knowledge.

Food Ration and Financial Assistance

One important feature of our financial assistance scheme is the Food Ration Assistance.Food parcels containing itemas that meet the basic needs of the clients are given. The clients have the option of collecting it from the center or at the designated collection points each month. Door to door delivery is also available for home-bound clients.  

Financial assiatance is assessed on a case by case basis are given to needy clients.

Health Checks

Providing periodic health checks for the elderly during the food ration distribution. Basic tests such as blood pressure and blood glucose examinations would be conducted by qualified nurses.  

Mothers’ Support Group

The Mothers’ Support Group is made up of a small group of mothers who come together on a regular basis. The support group serves as an avenue for them to provide feedback on various topics shared by volunteer facilitators. Our aim is to empower them to become more independent and overcome the challenges they face in life.  

Volunteer Coordination

Volunteer Coordination is an important service at FSS. Volunteers provide valuable expertise and resources to assist us to provide services that would benefit our clients. FSS also holds periodic events and training for our volunteers and it provides them with a platform for them to network.

Guardian Angel Project

A pilot programme where volunteers will provide home care services to clients such as painting, refurnishing and cleaning of their homes. In 2015, FSS would be expanding this service to include transportation to doctor's appointments or other commitments.

Location & Contact

Blk 42 Beo Crescent #01-95 Singapore 160042 (Click here for map)

Tel: 6273 7207

Fax: 6273 1972






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