The Salvation Army in Singapore first cared for women and girls through our work shelter programmes in the 1930s. Today, the same compassion to care for women is carried on by helping foreign domestic workers who are caught in challenging circumstances and require the need for shelter.

We are partnering with the Centre of Domestic Employees, a non-governmental organisational arm of the National Trade Union Congress, to operate a residential care programme for sheltered foreign domestic workers.

Through thoughtful and nurturing programmes, we will work towards improving the well-being of the sheltered foreign domestic workers with the aim of guiding them to be more resilient and to feel cared for.

Programmes & Services

To engage the sheltered foreign domestic workers, we organise meaningful activities such as singing, games and handicraft sessions. We also organise ad-hoc activities to supplement these regular activities.

We are also exploring the possibility of providing work therapy for these foreign domestic workers. This can be achieved in partnership with our social enterprise arm, Red Shield Industries, which operates our chain of family stores. At present, we are looking at a tailored work therapy programme that would equip the sheltered foreign domestic workers with employable skills such as event coordination, retailing and warehousing.


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