Established in 1985, The Salvation Army Mombasa Children's Home serves the needs of orphans and vulnerable children, among them are the abused and marginalised. The Home ensures the children are provided with love, food, shelter and education within a Christian environment. Before the Children's Home was established, the property on which the home stands on had been a home for the elderly.

The Salvation Army believes that both girls and boys can live in a loving society that provides them with their fundamental rights to develop and acquire protection from all forms of discrimination and exploitation. It also works at giving hope and assurance to the children, as well as working to mould them into responsible adults of tomorrow.

Currently, under the leadership of Captains Kenneth and Beatrice Muriithi,  the home serves as a safe haven to sixty (60) children; thirty two girls and twenty eighty boys. The Children enrol and start nursery school in the home, before graduating to join any of the local primary schools. In addition, the home through the Army's sponsorship office supports children in several secondary schools, colleges and   universities.

The home takes the initiative to follow up the children's progress in schools, thus ensuring they are working hard and getting good grades. Through education and discipline, thousands of vulnerable children have been transformed into independent and self-supporting adults, able to support their families and contribute to the economy of our country.

To further ensure the well being of the children, the Army employs a staff of  9 workers comprised of 2 cooks, 2 house mothers, 2 watchmen and 1 general worker.

Of course there are costs involved, which are met by the generous support we get from our donors/sponsors. The sponsorship funding comes from the following Salvation Army Territories; - Australia Eastern and Southern territories, Canada and Bermuda Territory and USA Central Territory. The implementation of the home's programs including infrastructure development is facilitated by modest support from The Salvation Army and donors.

This year, one organisation called Doing Good, funded the perimeter fence plastering and play field renovations. Another local donor Mr. Sameer financed the levelling and grass planting on the football pitch. Many other donors bring support in kind, which helps cut our budget.

The kids at the home, engage in extracurricular activities through their various schools. This way, they are able to grow into strong and healthy children. Similarly, the home provides safe playing grounds and facilities for the children after school and while on holidays.

If funds are available and allow, we are considering the renovation of the pathway from that leads into the home from the main gate,  have the girls rooms extended above the library and guest house, and construct offices for the superintendents as well as extend the staff quarters.

To those who have made us come this far, we say thank you for your consistent support. We are glad to be associated with you. May the Almighty God bless you all.




Enjoying a day out.



Girls in their school uniforms

Boys in their school uniform.