(A)Historical background of salvation army in Kenya

Geographically, Kenya East Territory is located in the Eastern part of the Africa Continent. It is boarded with Indian Ocean, Tanzania and Somali.

In 1896, the Salvation Army work started in Taru at the Coastal part of Kenya. Among the builders of the Kenya-Uganda Railway, were three Salvationist who first witnessed at this place.

In 1921, Commissioner and Mrs. Alister Smith who became the first Territorial Leaders in Kenya witnessed in the City of Nairobi. They first witnessed at Pangani, then moved to Ngara and finally stationed the work at Quarry Road.

In 1923, the first Cadets were trained. During this witness, David Gakumo received salvation and became the first Kenyan Cadet and Officer of the Salvation Army. The work expanded rapidly spreading to Gimomoi in Mbale Division and Kwamulinga in Thika Division.

In 1931, the flag was unfurled in Mbale, Uganda by Captain and Mrs. Edward Osborne. The Territory was named East Africa Territory comprising of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania countries with the Headquarters in Nairobi Kenya on the Moi Avenue.

In 1999, Tanzania was granted Command status. On 1 February 2008, it became a Territory.

In 2005, the work had expanded so rapidly in these two countries with a total of 175,261 Senior Soldiers and 176,542 Junior Soldiers. This led to Uganda being granted the Command Status leaving Kenya as one Territory.

The main purpose being to bring leadership closer to the people and to reach them with the Gospel.

By December 2007, we had 12 Divisions and 15 Districts in the Kenya Territory with a total of over 200,000 Senior Soldiers and 173,905 Junior Soldiers.


(B) Territories of Salvation Army in Kenya

On 1st March 2008, Creation of two Territories from the Kenya Territory. Kenya East and West Territories.

The Kenya East Africa has a total of 70,167 Soldiers and 69,342 Junior Soldiers. With Nine Divisions and Eight Districts.

We have 347 Corps and 243 outposts. The Territory is growing rapidly and the leadership has high vision in expanding it to greater heights.

We celebrated our 90 years anniversary  as from 17 - 20 November 2011,  at the Nyayo Stadium.