Information Sheet - Kabete Children's Home, Nairobi

Kabete caters for 65 children aged 3 to 18 years.  We believe the best place for the child is with his or her family, so if possible the family, or extended family members will be offered sponsorship to enable them to care for the child at home.

Sadly with high mortality because of HIV/AIDS, road traffic accidents, and poor medical care there are many orphans already cared for by extended families, and some come to us.  We also accept children who are not safe at home because of physical, mental or sexual abuse.

The Kabete Compound includes the children's home, Kabete corps and the homes of some Salvation Officers serving at our headquarters.  The children have their own compound within this, with residential blocks set round a green.  They also have a large dining hall, with a stage for acting, a TV room, and out door swings. 

With hot running water, heated by solar power, electricity, safe play, and school fees paid, these children are blessed indeed.  We want to make their childhood special we.  They are also very ordinary children who play and do their chores.

The home has a nursery school on site, to which other local children come. From there they proceed to local primary schools.  Many children have missed years of education and are behind other children of the same age. If possible we send them to board at secondary schools, especially if there is extended family that can offer holiday accommodation.  Alternatively children are referred to Variety Village or Nairobi Girls' Training Centre for skills development.

Local benefactors bring gifts of food, and sometimes toys and clothes.   Sponsorship of individual children is welcome, and even more welcome is sponsorship of the home.