Each year, the United Nations holds a World Refugee Day on 20th June. This year, the World Evangelical AllianceChurch Response for Refugees and the European Evangelical Alliance are partnering to deliver World Refugee Sunday on the two Sundays before and after this day.

Join thousands of Christians across the globe on Sunday 18th and Sunday 25th June to pray and intercede for over 65 million men, women and children forcibly displaced by persecution, violence and war.

“He will take pity on the weak and needy and save the needy from death. He will rescue them from oppression and violence, for precious is their blood in His sight” - Psalm 72:12-14

Resource pack

The World Refugee Sunday Pack contains:

  • Poster
  • Order of service
  • Sunday school plan
  • Prayer materials
  • Advocacy resources
  • Creative ideas
  • Projects for donation
  • Fact sheets

The pack can be downloaded from the World Refugee Sunday page on Church Response for Refugees.

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