Where There's a Need...

The Salvation Army's Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2020)

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Human Rights and The Salvation Army

Reflecting on the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Go and Do Something

Free to download, full of ideas for reflection, action and prayer to make the world a better place

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Building a Just World

Examining The Salvation Army's contribution to the UN's Millennium Development Goals

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Journey of Renewal

The Accountability Movement of The Salvation Army

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Theology of Governance

A Salvation Army Theology about Governance

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Word & Deed

Archive: a journal of Salvation Army theology and ministry

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Someone Like Me

Lt-Col. Eirwen Pallant (ISJC Deputy Director) reflects on recent events and the need to see ourselves in the ‘other’ - from UK Salvationist, July 2016

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Living Faith in the Economy

A framework developed by the International Moral and Social Issues Council, 2012

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When Justice is the Measure

Throughout this book—amplified by questions for reflection, prayers and case studies—the authors remind us of the intricate relationship between imago Dei, humanity and justice.

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Research Papers


An industry systematically shaping relationships and views towards women - a report by intern Robert Docter

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The Two Poverties

Salvation Army perspectives on poverty - a report by intern Luke Cozens

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Combatting Food Insecurity

The growth and effectiveness of Salvation Army food banks in developed countries - a report by intern Caitlin Hallett

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Blessed are the Peacemakers

Peacemaking and Reconciliation in The Salvation Army - a report by intern Jacob Hevenor

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Think on These Things...

We think about these things and try to do something about them

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Ethical Consumerism

Ethical Consumerism and the love to our neighbours through our consumption of goods - a report by intern Stephanie Marinelli

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Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development and the Christian's role in helping our children to develop their God-given potencial- a report by intern Catherine Millan Flores
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