21 January 2015
by Victoria Edmonds



The International Social Justice Commission is the Salvation Army's strategic voice to advocate for human dignity and social justice with the world's poor and oppressed.

The ISJC helps link the Salvation Army with like-minded organizations and other world forums through strong partnerships to advance the cause of global social justice. Some of the main like-minded organizations and world forums that the ISJC works closely with are other faith based organizations and Non Government Organizations and that operate especially in conjunction with the United Nations (U.N.)

On Thursday, January 15 the year-long global campaign of action2015 will be launched to mobilize people around the world to persuade government leaders in 2015 to commit to policies toward ending poverty, addressing inequality and ensuring sustainable development.

The campaign action/2015 is backed by more than 1,000 organisations across 50 countries. It is focused on securing successful outcomes for two pivotal UN summits, one in September on remodelled development goals, and the other in December in Paris on a new international agreement on climate change.

To see 10 ways how you can be involved in action2015 see the following link



Check out the website http://www.action2015.org/ to see how Salvationists can engage and make a difference in the world or facebook page action/2015

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