22 January 2014

Meet our newest Intern Kayleen Sam








Kayleen Sam

Country of birth: Papua New Guinea

Brief history of Kayleen

I grew up in Kainantu, which is a small district in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. I am the third in eight children. My family is Salvationists so I was brought up in the Salvation Army church. My dad is a store manager in a local company and because of his work we were transferred to Goroka (district) in which we are currently residing in.


I completed all my studies in Goroka beginning from primary to secondary and finally to University (The University of Goroka) where I did my bachelor’s degree in education (for 4 years) which I will be graduating in absence this year (March 2014).


I love to play and try out for different types of sports but my favorite sport is volleyball.


I don’t play any musical instruments but I do play tambourine at my Corps since I was very young.


I am more of a passive person that is I don’t talk too much and I only speak when I’m spoken to during normal conversations. I love reading books, I love animals and I love taking long walks around parks just be close with nature.



Tags: Personnel