Seventh Annual International Day of the Girl - 11 October 2018

Photo of 'the Girl'

This year marks the seventh anniversary of the United Nations' International Day of the Girl (IDG 2018).

We need YOU to help make this year's celebration the greatest ever! Let's inspire everyone about how powerful girls can be -- in art, pictures, poetry, songs, video -- to showcase the unique role girls play in our world. We need your voice! Here’s how:

Send us your inspirational work! The question for this year is:

What does it mean to be a girl like you where you live today? 

We especially want stories and artwork that respond to any/all of the following questions:

1. What does it mean to be a girl where you are? 
2. What are the challenges girls face today? 
3. We are the generation that will…! 
4. How are girls helping each other where you live? 
5. What do you love about being a girl? 
6. What do you need today for a successful future? (ie: career, STEM, education, access)

We would really like to hear from girls on what is means to be a girl, from where you live and some of the issues that girls face just for being a girl.  We want to share with the UN what girls in the Salvation Army face in their parts of the world, and to reflect the talents of girls in the Salvation Army around the world.



  • Kenya West
  • Nigeria
  • Rwanda and Burundi
  • Southern Africa


  • Hong Kong
  • India Eastern
  • Bhutan

North America

  • Western Territory

South America

  • South America West
  • Brazil