The ISJC Podcast


The ISJC Director sits down with Kimberly Ivany to talk about the fusion of faith in relationships and secular systems - and how both affect social justice.


The ISJC's United Nations Representative speaks with Kimberly Ivany about The Salvation Army's involvement with the United Nations - and the woman who made it possible.


22-year-old Caitlin Hallett talks about her on-going research project for the ISJC and how The Salvation Army can contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.


The ISJC's senior policy research analyst tells stories from her post-quake mission trip to Nepal and illustrates what social injustice looks like right now in the country.


Kimberly Ivany speaks with the ISJC's Deputy Director about the balance of men and women in anti-human trafficking ministry and The Salvation Army’s role in combatting the social injustice.


'Let Justice Roll'

Click to listen to the full song chosen for the ISJC jingle, written by Australian Salvationist Nathan Rowe.

Tags: Social Justice