Date of Meeting: 17 March 2017

Meeting Organizer: Side By Side

CSW Delegates Present: Lt-Col. Eirwen Pallant

Reporter: Lt-Col. Eirwen Pallant

Which SDG does this topic cover? 5, 17

Type of meeting: CSW Parallel Event

Brief summary of presentation of information made

Launch of Side by Side

  • Developed out of Anglican Communion
  • A gender justice organization that brings together those that have the same view of gender justice. A networking movement to collaborate. Number of large denominations joined but also trying to reach out to smaller groups.
  • Male and female have equal status and opportunities
  • Theological imperative for gender justice based in just relationships
  • Why has situation not changed with women still not having equality?
  • Political systems tend to maintain the ruling status quo- male dominant
  • Needs transformation of cultural and societal norms
  • Need to go beyond the issues of social justice to the attitudes
  • Missing aspect of social justice in faith groups- gender justice
  • Faith leaders seen as playing a key role – men and women
  • 95% of faith leaders are male but the majority are progressive
  • Still some abuse of women by faith leaders and members of faith congregations
  • Rise of right wing theology has led to increased abuse of women by male pastors in some churches
  • Incorporate gender justice practices into church constitutions so cannot be ignored
  • Lots of faith leaders involved but not trickling down to ground roots
  • Need to engage with ground roots
  • Need diplomacy to engage conservative churches
  • Need involvement of men – still some places can only talk to women if men allow.
  • Side by Side developing course for engaging with congregations
  • Need to influence media
  • Only 24% of news stories reported involve women
  • New York Times report on rape of women at college covered how it is affecting sports teams- no faith element, no victims perspective
  • Looking for ways to mainstream gender justice in mainstream media

What was of particular significance to share with The Salvation Army globally?

  • Gender justice can be a social justice issue that is ignored by faith groups, including violence and abuse.
  • Not only faith leaders need to be involved but all our congregations too. The theology of gender justice lies in the area of just relationships.

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