Date of Meeting: 14 March 2018

Meeting Organizer: Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation

ISJC Staff Present: Captain Aron Wambua

Reporter: Captain Aron Wambua

Which SDG does this topic cover? 3, 4, 5, 13

Type of meeting: Panel Presentation

Brief summary of presentation of information made

  • The issue of gender equality should be addressed holistically by ensuring equal participation in all social, political, and economic spaces in the world.
  • If the women are well represented in all sectors and levels they will be voice to the voiceless and bring gender balance in our societies.
  • To make this a reality we should have equal and open access to education for both sexes in our schools.
  • There should also be equal opportunities for the employment and professional development with equal pay for equal work.
  • The digitalized world is not only a men’s realm; women should be inherent part of the progress.
  • For us to achieve gender parity we need to fight against gender stereotyping which is an obstacle for quality participation of women in the digital world.
  • To overcome the challenge for rural women there is need to enhance digital education on environmental justice, and the effect of migration on climate change.
  • The organization should cooperate with the ministry of education and engage the authorities to open more spaces for education on development for both sexes with equity.
  • We need to create awareness and empower vulnerable groups of women and girls in rural areas –leaving no one behind.
  • The implementation of adequate social policies and protection of women rights through civil society and public participation should be emphasized to avoid harassment of women and discrimination against them.


What was of particular significance to share with The Salvation Army globally?

We need to educate our rural women and girls for when they engage with the internet for their protection. The internet is being used as a tool by those who would exploit them, including human traffickers.

The issue of child abuse and the use of young girls in pornographic materials should be addressed.


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Tags: United Nations, SDG4: Quality Education, SDG5: Gender Equality, SDG3: Good Health and Well-Being, SDG13: Climate Action