In 1922 emigrants from villages on the north bank of the Zambezi River working in a mica mine near Urungwe were converted. They carried home the message of salvation to their chief, and established meeting places in their villages. Two years later, Commandant Kunzwi Shava and Lieutenant Paul Shumba were appointed to command the new opening.

The Zambia Division in the Rhodesia Territory became the Zambia Command in 1966.

In 1988, the Malawi Division was transferred from the Zimbabwe Territory to form the new Zambia and Malawi Territory. The Zambia and Malawi Territory became the Zambia Territory on 1 October 2002 when Malawi became an independent region.

Territorial Leaders

Colonel Alfred Banda - Territorial Commander

Colonel Pamela Banda - Territorial President for Women's Ministries

Lieut-Colonel Ireen Hachamba - Chief Secretary

Territorial Headquarters

Plot 8 Great North Road
off Chishango Road

Postal Address

PO Box 34352
Lusaka 10101

Contact us

Tel: [260] 1 238291/228327



Officers - 296 (active - 244 retired - 72)

Cadets - 23                 Employees - 239

Corps - 156                 Outposts - 286

Senior Soldiers - 32,315    Adherents - 2,073   Junior Soldiers - 11,908