Youth and Children exhibition

This exhibition, first shown at Gallery 101 in August 2023, explores The Salvation Army's ministry to children and young people around the world.

Our vision

We envision a world where children and young people experience life in its fullness, loved and valued by their families and communities and equipped to contribute.

Framework of beliefsIn order to do that we have created a framework of our beliefs:

  • We believe children are made in the image of God and are a gift from God.
  • They are intricately made and should be treasured. This means we should value them.
  • They are also dependent yet developing. This means they need our guidance, care and protection.
  • We believe children and young people are natural models of faith. This means we should give space to them to join and lead in serving God and others with their unique set of gifts, talents and skills.

Training, support and resources

The Youth and Children’s Section at The Salvation Army International Headquarters supports and strengthens The Salvation Army around the world in its work among children and young people through:

  • Providing training, especially in child protection
  • Providing support to territories on child protection
  • Providing guidance on creating child protection policies
  • Sharing resources, like children’s programmes
  • Creating resources, like our Faith Talks card game
  • Building relationships, like creating zonal meetings with youth leaders
  • Promoting the interest of children and young people, for example, at councils
  • Supporting territories in increasing youth participation, by sharing good practices.

Sponsorship, child protection and youth participation around the world

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