The Salvation Army Year Book 2023

The Salvation Army Year Book is published annually by Salvation Books at International Headquarters.

It contains:

  • reports and photos from the countries in which the Army works
  • up-to-date facts and figures on global mission and ministry
  • international appointments and contact details 

Print edition

ISBN 978-1-912981-90-8

Print copies of The Salvation Army Year Book 2023 can be purchased from Salvation Army territorial headquarters or local bookshops in several countries.


ISBN 978-1-912981-91-5

Amazon Kindle edition

Kobo edition

You do not need a dedicated ereader to read ebooks, with Amazon and Kobo making available free apps for most devices.

The ebook edition does not include the information contained in the following sections: Biographical; Retired Generals and Commissioners; Retirements from Active Service; and Promotions to Glory.

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