The Salvation Army Year Book 2023

The Salvation Army Year Book is published annually by Salvation Books at International Headquarters.

The Year Book captures the worldwide ministry of The Salvation Army. It contains:

  • reports and photos from all 134 countries in which the Army serves
  • up-to-date facts and figures on global mission and ministry
  • articles of special interest
  • international appointments and contact details.

Articles in The Salvation Army Year Book 2024 focus on: the response to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, to which The Salvation Army has been at the forefront; a call to action to eliminate violence and address the injustices faced by women and girls; the International Symposium on Human Sexuality; and the 25th anniversary of The Salvation Army fair-trade brand, Others.


ISBN 978-1-911732-02-0

Available from the trade department in your local Salvation Army territory.


ISBN 978-1-911732-03-7

The ebook edition does not include the information contained in the following sections: Biographical; Retired Generals and Commissioners; Retirements from Active Service; and Promotions to Glory.

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