From the desk of the WPWM

August 2018

Commissioner Rosalie Peddle


I am very delighted to have the opportunity to connect with women all around our Salvation Army world, as we explore and celebrate wisdom from God’s Word, exciting new initiatives, special events, successful social justice activities, and positive outreach participation throughout the scope of Women’s Ministries. I will aim to do this through my blog postings, so that you will get a feel for how God’s hand of blessings continues to strengthen the mission and ministry of The Salvation Army, and how he continues to use women to change the world. As we travel and meet ‘our people’ there will be stories to be shared, because while God is doing a ‘new thing’, God’s people are going to experience renewal and revival. May we all be ready to catch this ‘fresh wave’ of God’s Spirit as he ignites the flame within our hearts, and we become fully empowered to share his love and grace in our homes, villages, and communities! God is going to do great things, if we are obedient and faithful! Are we ready??

The weeks following High Council have been busy with travelling (a powerful visit to Kenya East for AFCO, the All-Africa College for Officers), moving into the General’s quarters, settling into the World President for Women’s Ministries office and allowing God time to speak into our minds and to prepare our hearts, as we take on these significant international roles. I am praying for Holy Spirit courage and God-inspired confidence as we embrace this commitment of leadership, aware of the challenges that await us as we lead forward. God has never failed us and I know he will give the grace, wisdom and courage needed, as we march forward into the future.

I look forward to the conversations, dialogues and input, as we futureproof Women’s Ministries, so that we remain strong, relevant and effective in the 21st century. Women’s Ministries continues to grow from strength to strength, and as you read in the recent World Annual Report (July), we are still on the cutting edge, when it comes to linking new families to the corps, its intentional outreach/mobilising focus, the making of new soldiers, and the overwhelming numbers of people making a decision to follow Jesus. Our women’s conferences/camps/rallies/retreats are major events in the majority of the 131 countries in which we serve. They are bringing in a record number of attendances and achieving excellent desired outcomes. We give God all the glory! Yet there is so much more God wants us to do! We will evaluate and pray for clarity and wisdom, as we seek his guidance in the days ahead. We will work together as a team!

We give an extra special welcome to our new World Secretary for Women’s Ministries, Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham, who begins her new journey with the team here at IHQ on 3 August, 2018. We are very privileged to have her as a significant part of the Women’s Forum and we look forward to her leadership and ministry. Bronwyn was born and raised in New Zealand with her recent appointments being in the Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Territory, as well as the United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland Territory. Bronwyn is a gifted woman leader, who brings her gifts and creativity to the role. I look forward to our working together with the goal of being the leaders God has called us to be, as we lead forward.

As we ‘embrace the future - together’, I am excited about what God is going to do!  We stand on God’s Word, which is alive and active and sharper than any double-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12) and we trust in God’s undeniable promise that he who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. (1 John 4:4)

God bless you all!

Commissioner Rosalie Peddle