From the desk of the WPWM

June 2018

Commissioner SilviaJoyful opportunities

As we travel, the General and I are often asked what the most fulfilling experience of a journey was and what gave us the most joy.

These are not easy questions to answer, because after five-and-a-half years in my present responsibilities, I have many satisfying memories. One of them is to see how God is working through The Salvation Army around the world and to hear numerous testimonies of transformation through the power of the gospel.

Possibly the most rewarding, however, is the opportunity I have had to preach the good news to countless people. Like Paul, I say: ‘Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!’ (1 Corinthians 9:16 NIV). I feel compelled to be a witness and a messenger, and am thankful for this time in my life given to share the gospel during meetings, conferences, rallies and congresses in so many places around the world.

Recently we were told that after one weekend at a corps, a person responded positively to the call to officership, another decided to wear her uniform again after many years, and someone was saved after being challenged during the meeting. In another place, a soldier told us that he was touched by the General’s message to do something. Returning to his corps, he had the idea to start a community coffee shop. This initiative has made the Army so much more visible that since then new people and families have come to the corps and, as a result, to the Lord! We hear many of these stories, giving me the most joy.

I rejoice and give the glory to God when I witness the Holy Spirit working in my life and in the lives of others.

Commissioner Silvia Cox