Wokabaut Wantaim God – (Journey with God) – Women’s Bible Weekend

Recently over 500 women from across the southern region of Papua New Guinea travelled to Port Moresby for a Bible Weekend.

Some had to catch dinghys, trucks or walk to get to the Nation’s Capital. Some of the women came a week early to sell some goods at the markets to buy their food and firewood to cook their food.

It was a spiritually blessed time where the women studied the Bible together, discussed issues they were facing and were challenged to go deeper in their faith. Over the whole weekend we studied the book of Ruth in the Old Testament. A story that links in so well to the life and culture of PNG.

The worship was heavenly and the dancing during worship was inspirational.

Five hundred women camped in the grounds of the Boroko Primary School on the THQ compound. They brought their tents, cooking equipment and bedding. Large green bins were filled with water for the women to wash from and cook from. There was much laughter and fun while they cooked their meals over the fire, singing and joking in the dark.

The atmosphere was so Godly as the women all prayed in their own language out loud. When sitting in their groups for discussion, they were intent on listening to each other and learning from each other.

The response to God in the final session was truly humbling. They lined the mercy seat 4 deep and pools of tears were seen where they had prayed.

Praise God for this encouraging time for these women.

There were also sessions on Justice for Women, how do I know that God is with me everyday and transforming our lives from brokenness.

There is another Wokabaut Wantaim God Bible Weekend planned for Goroka (Highlands) at the end of November – it is expected that more ladies will journey to Goroka for this one.

The faithfulness and perseverance of the women of PNG is something quite extraordinary.

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