'THE first time ever' could have been the theme for the Home League Rally arranged by Captain Lalnun Mawii, Divisional Director for Women’s Ministries (DDWM) in the Matupi District, Myanmar Region. We followed the 2016 Women’s Ministries theme Joyfully His (John 15:1-15) which is used all over the world.

It was a first time experience for 35 women, a few babies and some supporting husbands. They were blessed by these three days together. It was also the first time ever that Matupi women from the five corps high up in the Chin Mountains could come together like this.

It was the first time ever that a forest located corps without car or bus communication hosted an event like this.

It was the first time ever that the women’s ministry in Matupi at Corps level could fully self-support a bigger event like this.

It was the first time ever that I myself, the writer of this text, had permission from the authorities, as a foreigner, to stay in a remote village. Actually it was the first time ever that a foreigner could stay overnight at that village.

We see great progress in many ways and not least in spiritual ways! Gods kingdom grows through the soldiers focused prayers and activities.

As it should be for a Rally like this, the Divisional Director of Women's Ministries and the Corps Officers had prepared a varied programme for the meetings, including drama, group songs, bible competitions, games, good food and, very important, somewhere for everyone to sleep. Spread out in soldier’s houses, home hospitality provided a good time to rest in fellowship and in a relaxed way. Away from daily life responsibilities and challenges. True sisterhood!

The testimonies were many! Sharing about changed lives, about new possibilities and healing. But also, as one of the corps officers shared after the closing meeting: “Now my Home League members have had the opportunity to kneel at the mercy seat for the first time ever surrounded by sisters from neighbouring Corps. They very much appreciate the encouragement from new friends. I am sure we will have a refreshed spirit and new inspiration once we are back home.”

Christina Jeppsson
Regional Director of Women's Ministries