<p><strong>Welcome to September! Time has a way of travelling much too quickly. For the northern hemisphere summer has ended, and it is back to schedules, programs, and school. For the southern hemisphere winter is concluding, and summer is just around the corner! God makes all things beautiful in his time!</strong></p>
<p>August 2018 has been a significant month for the International Salvation Army. Your new International leaders have now taken up their appointments, been welcomed officially at IHQ, and are fully engaged in leading forward as God leads, directs and empowers. The coming weeks will be filled with lots of conversations and discussions, as we tune our ears to listen to God’s voice and seek to understand his will and purpose for his church. We want our hearts to beat in sync with the heartbeat of God. These are exciting days! Please pray for us and The Salvation Army as we march forward into the future!</p>
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<h2>Visiting Cuba</h2>
<p>The General and I have been on our first official visit. What a significant occasion and great privilege to be in Cuba for the 100th Anniversary celebrations commemorating the work of The Salvation Army in that beautiful country. Hearing the stories of courage and faith that are part of the history of The Salvation Army in Cuba over the past 100 years is very inspirational. Despite facing great obstacles, salvationists remained strong and devoted to God’s call, leaving a legacy for those today, whose own testimonies of salvation and transformation continue to encourage and advance God’s kingdom! The vibrancy and enthusiasm of the salvationist youth was also extremely exciting and very contagious! The Salvation Army definitely has a great future in Cuba! To God be the Glory! </p>
<p>My thoughts and prayers have been with many of you over these past weeks, as I have followed the challenges you have faced in your part of the world on social media.</p>
<li>Prayers for emergency services response and for those affected by the bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy</li>
<li>Call to prayer for the India South Western team responding to those affected by floods in Kerala</li>
<li>Emergency help for those affected by the 6.9 magnitude tremor that struck Indonesia’s Lombok region</li>
<p>I give thanks to God for our officers, salvationists, women’s ministries groups, and volunteers, who have all worked together with the compassion and love of Jesus, as you have reached out to those who are suffering and in great need. I continue to pray for strength and courage, as you carry on ministering in difficult and heart-breaking situations. </p>
<h2>Transforming events</h2>
<p>A number of women’s events have taken place during this summer all across our global Salvation Army. Women’s Camps, Rallies, Conferences and special focus events have been filled to overflowing with many women making first-time decisions to follow Jesus, seeking transformation and wholeness, renewing their commitments, praying for a deepening of their faith, and seeking a closer walk with God. This is very exciting! God is at work and women are being transformed and renewed by His Spirit! We do pray for a great revival and an endless outpouring of God’s Spirit, as women of all ages, cultures and life experiences find hope and transformation in Jesus.</p>
<p>Jesus promised the 11 disciples (Acts 1:8) that when the Holy Spirit came upon them, they would receive a power within, which they had never experienced and that would give them courage and incredible strength for God’s mission in the world in which they lived.</p>
<p>This same promised Holy Spirit will infuse us with the motivation, strength, and energy to complete the task that He has called us to do. Our ministry, our service, our abilities, our giftedness are all useless, worthless and meaningless without the Spirit’s infilling. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 “My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power, so that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom, but on God's power.”</p>
<p>Won’t you join me, as together we seek to take hold of the great blessings that God has waiting for us to embrace and enjoy!</p>
<p>God bless you!</p>
<p><em>Commissioner Rosalie Peddle</em></p>