From the Desk of the WPWM

July – August 2016

Responding to the moving of the Holy Spirit

As we left Papua New Guinea to travel to Tonga and Fiji, many thoughts and memories were going through my mind. The visit to PNG was special as we were celebrating the 60 years of the start of The Salvation Army work in that country. The welcome at the airport with the Asaro mudmen, covered in mud and wearing large clay masks over their heads, and threatening warriors with spears and arrows was spectacular and unique. The many traditional dances during the week end were impressive and amazing.

One special memory I will always remember occurred on the Saturday, a busy day with both the men’s and women’s rallies, very colourful events, followed by an imposing march of witness under the sun through the town of Goroka. The day concluded with a soldier’s rally. An impressive number of soldiers came. As the meeting commenced, some clouds had started building up and when it was time for the message, it began to pour down with rain. Some people went under the big tent on the left of the platform, but many stayed under the rain or under an umbrella, listening to the word of God. When I finished, I thought that in view of the weather, no appeal would be made, but to my surprise, the officer leading the meeting invited the people to respond to the moving of Holy Spirit. It was a very humbling experience to see many people coming in front, kneeling on the wet ground, in uniform, the rain still drizzling down. On the platform, we were all touched and not many eyes stayed dry!

Once again we were reminded that we can learn from each other on how to be responsive to the voice and movement  of the Holy Spirit.

‘Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. ‘ James 4:10

Commissioner Silvia Cox